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Comically Speaking: Cartoon Exhibit at the Essex Art Center

               Comically Speaking: Illustrations and drawings by Don Mathias, David Sullivan,                              Sage Stossel, Mark Parisi & John Klossner                                                Jan 9 – March 6, 2015 (Pictured: John Klossner, Don Mathias, Mark Parisi, David Sullivan, and Sage Stossel; Photo via Don Mathias)

A Conversation With Art Spiegelman (Boston Globe cartoon)

Click to see the rest of the cartoon. Or click here to see the cartoon at the Boston Globe.

Chihuly at the MFA

Click to see the rest of the cartoon at The Boston Globe or here for less pixelated image file of the cartoon…

Preserving the Hopper Landscape (Provincetown Banner cartoon)

A Conversation With Edward Sorel

Click here to read the interview with Edward Sorel at The

Surviving Picasso